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About us

My wife and I are almost self-made millionaire couple (net investable assets meaning my home and other assets are excluded) and the journey to this point was through old-fashioned saving (401K, IRA, SEP, etc.) and investing.  We have been investing since 1997 and started with almost nothing but made our 401(k) contributions monthly.

In our day jobs, my wife and I (no kids) are white collar professionals with just about middle-class household income.  We have been self-employed for nearly 20 years.  We live in an average middle-class home and drive a 2015 Toyota.  We often take advantage of sales when shopping, travel during low season, and watch how we spend our money.

Our goal is to become a deca-millionaire ($10,000,000).  Since the first million is the hardest, we now feel confident that someday we will get to $10M somewhat easily.  This blog is documentation of that journey.