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Couples, combine your finances and bank accounts, to become a millionaire

One of the main reasons married couples have higher net worth than cohabiting couples is because they are more likely to have common goals for saving and retirement.

To get started with combining your finances and financial goals, start with a joint checking account.  Whether only one or both of you work, until you pool all your financial resources, you are really not really in this together.  Having separate accounts and sharing expenses as if you are merely conducting transactions with others, means that your marriage will also be transactional and that will impact how you feel about wealth creation.

My wife and I have always had a joint account and we simply pool all the money that we make.  Then we spend it as needed.  If there is something that she needs only for herself (we count items like clothing, makeup, etc. for her and gym fees for me as essential family expenses rather than discretionary expenses), for example, she wants to gift something big to her friends or family members (we do not monitor pocket money expenses for each other like drinks/meals with colleagues/friends, since these two are reasonable expenses) or buy a very expensive handbag, then, we talk about it and decide if it is okay to do it.  After all, we are adults and have a shared vision for wealth for ourselves, and we should be able to have these conversations with judging each other or controlling each other.

In our opinion, his and her accounts is not very supportive of shared financial goals.  And it has helped us.  We are both committed to getting rich together and results have shown that this works.  So if you are interested in becoming millionaires like us, please consider combining your finances.  And like us, you can have some ground rules so that no one feels that they suddenly do not have any financial freedom.