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What are the implications of the Surpreme Court's DACA decision?

Since the election of President Donald Trump and Republicans takeover of the Senate, the future of DACA has been in jeopardy .  After the lawsuit against DACA reached the US Supreme Court, all its opponents expected that the Trump Administration will prevail, but they did not.  Here is what it means for you? The decision does not mean that DACA is constitutional or that it cannot be declared unconstitutional if another case makes it to the Court.  All it does is to say that the procedure used to shut it down by against the law. It is not known what President Trump would do.  While unlikely, he may try to shut it down using other measures. In the meantime, if you are a DACA approved DREAMer you can continue to live without fear of being deported. It is not clear if new applications will be allowed or if those whose work permits have expired will be allowed to apply again/renew.  It is also not clear if advanced parole provision will be revived.  Stay tuned for updates on those. In the m