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Will DACA approved dreamers get coronovirus stiumuls checks?

You must have heard of the $1,200 per person payment being sent out to everyone, and yes, it is indeed true that under the provisions of The Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), most people with some limitations on those who make a lot of money, will receive a $1,200 per adult and $500 per child. Accordingly, DACA approved DREAMers will also receive these payments as long as they meet the income qualification (adjusted gross income under $75,000, $112,500 for head of household and $150,000 married -- remember that this is the income after adjustments and not your actual income).  Here are a few things to note: If your DACA status is expired but you have continued to file your taxes for 2018, you should still receive it.  Even though, you are now technically not legally present, the IRS does not know that, and will merely rely on the fact that you have a valid Social Security number and have filed taxes (the information is needed in order to determine