What is the future of DACA in 2018?

It is no secret that the journey of DREAMers with and without DACA has been a roller coaster ride.  There is still no light at the end of the tunnel, but for those of you who are smart enough to plan long term and believe in being proactive rather than reactive, here is what to expect:

  1. Do not expect President Donald Trump to sign a path to citizenship legislation as long as he or Mike Pence are around (in case Trump is impeached).  In fact, an amnesty is a very toxic subject for Republicans and increasingly for Democrats.
  2. If Democrats end up controlling both houses of Congress after the mid term elections in 2018 (a likely scenario), it is likely that Democrats would want to use that opportunity to strike a deal with the Trump Administration, but as always happened in the past, something will go wrong.  If President Obama and Democrats controlling both houses of Congress could not do it, well, it is highly unlikely that any other combination will succeed.
  3. Many lawsuits related to DACA are making their way through multiple courts, including the Supreme Court.  In fact, that is where you should put your hopes in.  The Supreme Court can some times issue interesting decisions and it might benefit the DREAMers.

What should you do?

Well, right now, you have the authorization to work, and if you stay out of trouble, you should be fine.  Not a bad idea to explore other avenues of legalization, for example, marriage, if that works for you.  Otherwise, just wait for the elections in 2020 and hope for the best.

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