What to do after DACA cancellation?

We knew all along that DACA program was unconstitutional when President Obama announced it in 2012.  He did it to get the Latino vote in his reelection effort.  It is good while it lasted but for DACAmented DREAMers it is time to strategize about the future.  I am neither an immigration activist nor an immigration attorney -- both groups are biased and give advice that benefits them rather than the DREAMers -- so, my advice is unbiased and straightforward.

There is a lot of uncertainty ahead: be prepared and plan with a clear head

Smart people prepare for uncertainty by planning and not panicking.  Depending on your situation, you have at least till March 2018 to plan for the future.  During this period it will become abundantly clear if there is hope for legalization.  During this time, though, do not just wait and read the news about this.  Here is my advice:
  1. If you are in college, figure out how you can continue your education here in the US or in your home country or in another country.  Start researching and approaching universities to see if you can transfer your credits and eventually graduate.  Abandoning college and going to work in a taco restaurant will be a huge mistake.
  2. If you have a job, see if you can continue in the same job in your home country or in another country.  If that is not possible, start researching and approaching other companies in your industry to see if they are interested in hiring you for a job in your home country or in another country.
Do not put all your hopes in a miracle

Nothing has been done to change immigration laws since the Reagan Amnesty of 1986 and that means for more than 30 years, Congress has failed to do anything.  Even Democrats with complete control of all branches of government failed.

While immigration activists and lawyers will tell you to try to simply wait it out, most reasonable experts I have spoken to say that chances of legalization for DREAMers is less than 20%.  Imagine that the Republicans failed to repeal ObamaCare when they won on promising to do that?  Does anyone really believe that a Trump White House will actually legalize you after a Republican controlled Congress passes an amnesty?  I do not know the future, but during next 6 months we will get a pretty good idea of how likely an amnesty is.  If the momentum in Congress is not there during this time, there is really very little hope for any kind of relief just for DREAMers or some version of so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  So unless you plan on staying illegally for a very long time in America, it would be helpful to plan ahead and then act on it.

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