Trump saves DACA program

While we were all wondering what will President Donald Trump do to DACA approved Dreamers, we did get some hope when he initially excluded DACA-mented folks from deportation.  Thankfully, now comes the great news that the Trump Administration will continue the DACA program, though, it has killed DAPA.  Obviously, if you are approved, you can never take things for granted and start getting into legal trouble.  And if you have not yet applied, it is time to apply without fear -- I have plenty of information on applying on this website.

Now as you know well, President Obama created many loopholes so that you can even become a US citizen; just apply for advanced parole (I am reading news of Dreamers traveling to attend funerals of grandparents that don't exist or taking vacations and calling them educational trips -- so it is really easy to do), and now that you have been legally admitted into the United States, as long as you can find a sponsor for green card, you will achieve permanent resident status, and then apply for citizenship.