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Trump excludes DACA approved DREAMers from deportation

Well, we were all wondering what will happen to DACA approved DREAMers under a Trump Administration , and now we have the answer.  Even though President Donald Trump would has the legal authority to kill DACA and make DREAMers deportable like all other illegal aliens, he has chosen not to, at least for the time being. As expected, President Donald Trump has implemented policies and procedures that makes it nearly impossible for most illegal immigrants to live in the United States.  Under current provisions, if you are present illegally, you are deportable.  It is just a matter of being found by ICE. At least for the time being, DACA-approved DREAMers are protected from deportation (though, that may change in the future).  Accordingly, you should do the following: Keep evidence of your status with you at all time (a photocopy of the approval document and the EAD card should always be in your possession). While no one should really get in trouble with the law, it is particular