Are immigrant activists lying to DREAMers?

As a follow-up to my previous article about Democrats essentially misleading DREAMers by giving them false hope of legalization, I have been asked to discuss if immigration activists might also by lying to them.  The dozens of activist organizations fighting for legalization of immigrants in the United States illegally are active both online, on social media, and in public.  They have a megaphone and are screaming for legalizing anyone who is currently without papers (though some groups are even fighting to eliminate the border between US and Mexico to allow free movement).  It must also be pointed out that the efforts of the activists have had some impact.  The DACA program has helped nearly a million DREAMers and for all practical purposes, if you are in the United States illegally and stay out of trouble, no one will bother you (an estimated 12 million undocumented aliens live like everyone else) and you can even work illegally.  In fact, most undocumented immigrants can even get free money from the IRS when they file their tax returns.  In addition, if you have US-born children, and if you get paid under the table, you can even pretend to be poor and actually put your kids on welfare.

At the same time, exactly like the politicians, the activists too start to mislead their followers because without them, they do not have a job (indeed, there are a few volunteers but a lot of activists are employees of various organizations).  The attorneys who are campaigning on behalf of illegal immigrants hope to get a lot of fees when they help them do the paperwork.  And many activists are also hoping that either they will keep their jobs as activists for a long time or get into politics eventually.  So, yes, we do need folks to do the dirty job of activism, what they are not doing is to tell you that an amnesty is unrealistic any time soon.  By not doing so honestly, they are stopping you from thinking clearly and evaluating other options.  In other words, just be aware that attorneys, activists, and politicians have their own agendas and they are not necessarily watching out for your best interest.  Only you can do that.

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