Are Democrats lying to DREAMers?

I have heard from a lot of DREAMers who are hearing from experts that the probability for their legalization is just about 20% but the Democrats running for president are promising a path to citizenship.  Obviously we all like to be optimistic about the future but ignoring reality is stupid.  As I pointed out in this post here it is very unlikely that there will be some kind of comprehensive immigration reform.  If DACA is not declared as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, the most a Democrat president can do is to renew DACA for another four years.  As expected, the House will remain under GOP control while the Senate will remain split.  In other words, mostly gridlock in Washington, along the lines of how it played out under President Obama.

Obviously, totally unexpected things can happen.  It is likely that miraculously Democrats win everything (which they did in 2008 but still did not pass CIR) but it is very unlikely.  Unfortunately, all the Democratic candidates in their desperate quest to win the White House are telling what DREAMers want to hear without telling them that the reality on the ground is going to be a lot different.  The conclusion is that if you are a smart DREAMer who has better plans for the future than working in low-end jobs for the rest of your life and living illegally, it is a good time to evaluate other options.  The best one is to use the loophole of advance parole to clear your EWI, marry a US citizen, and adjust status.  Other options include migrating legally to other countries, particularly Canada.

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