Time for DREAMers to have a baby

Obviously President Obama has expanded the DACA program by allowing even more DREAMers to legalize themselves, they are still not permanent residents and their legal status can be revoked by a new president.  To become a green card holder, this is how you exploit the loophole:
  1. You will need to get advanced parole by fabricating an excuse (apparently a dying grandma is a favorite among DREAMers and a whole industry has cropped up to provide documentation about her imaginary existence and life-threatening illness).
  2. Travel and re-entry after inspection.
  3. Marry a US citizen (apparently many DREAMers are entering fraudulent marriages as unemployed, poor, desperate Americans are seeking ways to get some money to pay their student debt) and apply for adjustment of status which you will be able to do without leaving the United States.

Now that the Democrats and President Obama have declared that priority should be given to parents of US citizen and permanent resident kids, it just makes perfect sense to have a child as soon as possible.  Many female DREAMers have told us that they simply got pregnant without even having a boyfriend -- they simply dressed up and went to a bar.  So if you are a DREAMer, it is definitely something to consider.  If you are a male DREAMer, you will need to find a woman, preferably a DREAMer (she has an incentive to get pregnant) and make her pregnant.  Having a US-born child will literally guarantee that you will never be thrown out of the United States and eventually you will be given permanent residence.  By the way, there are many welfare programs available to pay for the US-born child so there is nothing to worry if you have no or low income.

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