No DACA for parents of DREAMers

Well, it wouldn't really have been DACA, which stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals, but this is the term that is widely accepted as a way for illegal immigrants to live and work legally in the United States without the fear of deportation.  After a long wait, President Barack Obama has concluded that there is no legal basis for deferred action for parents of DREAMers.  The logic is simple: the DREAMers could not be punished for the crimes committed by their parents but despite the fact that if parents are deported, the families get separated, it is a fact that these adults entered the United States of America illegally or overstayed a visa without proper authorization

So what are the options for parents of DACA approved DREAMers?  At this time if you have the financial means to do so, you must try to exploit the loophole in the US law to use advanced parole to take care of your EWI (entry without inspection) which will then clear the way for you to adjust your status without leaving the United States (I am being told by many DREAMers that a dying grandparent is the simplest excuse and there is a whole industry operated by drug mafia and gangsters in Mexico and Central America, that for a price, will create fake documents related to grandma or grandpa being seriously ill and on death bed just in case you do not have a grandparent or is not seriously ill).
You will have to figure out how to adjust your status, but I expect a lot of DREAMers to tie the knot right away with a citizen.  I would not be surprised that a lot of poor American citizens will enter into fraudulent marriages with anyone who is willing to pay several thousand Dollars to them (it is a serious crime for both the citizen and the immigrant but people do it anyway since the USCIS is incapable of policing and is under a lot of pressure from Obama and the Democrats to look the other way even if the marriage is clearly fake).  Once you get a green card, then, you can sponsor your parents to take advantage of the executive order signed by President Obama to defer deportations for parents of permanent residents or green card holders.

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