Obama expands DACA eligibility for DREAMers

If you recall, when President Barack Obama launched DACA for DREAMers the deadline was June 15, 2007.  The Democrats wanted to include only those who had spent at least five years illegally in the United States.  Well, it has been more than two years now and it is time to extend the timing to include those who came later.  The new deadline is January 1, 2010 so that if you came after that date, you would have completed at least five years.  Now, many DREAMers that we have spoken to did not have any evidence of their presence, but we are being told that they used the help of the mafia in Latin America that has agents in the United States (particularly active in California, Arizona, and Texas) who are able to produce fraudulent documents that are so high quality that they look totally genuine.  Since President Obama has instructed the USCIS officers to look the other way when they see a fake document, many DREAMers have been approved

In other words, DREAMers are doing what they can to get their deferral from deportation, work permits, and Social Security cards.  In other words, you definitely want to apply as long as Obama is president because because while the new president in 2016 will not have the courage to cancel DACA, it is likely that if a Republican is elected president, the USCIS will start following the law rather than ignore it right now because all the senior level staff will be changed.

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