DACA for all DREAMers

One would wonder what were all those smartypants at the Justice Department were thinking when the original DACA came with an arbitrary age limit.  I wondered what was so interesting about age of 31.  It made no sense.  One would have understood if the limit was 18 or even 21 but if 31 was good enough, what was wrong with 41 or 51.  Thankfully, the Democrats and President Obama realized that if they really want to get the Latino and immigrant vote in 2016, they have to make DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) available for all.  Here are the new eligibility requirements for DACA:

  1. No upper age limit.
  2. Been continuously in the United States since January 1, 2010.
  3. Meet other requirements like having somewhat clean background (Obama has directed the staff at USCIS to accept even fraudulent documents, ignore even serious crimes like felonies, falsely claiming to be a US citizen, lying under oath to a USCIS officer, and using fake documents like green cards and Social Security cards - as evidenced by DREAMers who have been approved)
How to apply?  If you are eligible under the new guidelines, the process will be identical to that being currently followed.  Complete USCIS form I-821D, I 765, and I765WS.  You will need to submit a small fee and go for fingerprinting.  Once you are approved and receive your documents, simply show up at the nearest Social Security Office to apply for your very own Social Security card with a real number.  If you want to exploit a loophole to adjust your status through other means, then cook up an excuse like a dying grandma (it is easy to get false papers about a sick grandma in most of Mexico, Latin America and China from doctors who will say anything for a price) and apply for advanced parole.  Enjoy your status for 3 years and reapply for renewal.

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