Social Security in retirement after deferred action

Since DREAMers with DACA approvals have been paying their share of Social Security contributions, there was some confusion regarding their ability to collect Social Security benefits during retirement since they do not have any legal status.  Finally this question has been clarified.  The final word on the matter is that you will be able to do so.  It also means that if your employer offers some kind of a 401(K) plan you should try to join it.  In any case, you can try to save through an IRA.  I suggest that you meet with a personal financial adviser to plan for your retirement (it is best to plan as early as possible for retirement because savings do add up over time).  The best part is that even if you decide to retire outside the United States (even many Americans relocate to Mexico during retirement for warmer weather and lower cost of living), you can collect your checks.

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