Change 2 year DACA work permit to 3-year

Now that DACA for all DREAMers is valid for three years (the same is the case for DAPA or Deferred Action for Parental Accountability for parents who will receive DACA like work permits and deferred deportations) instead of the traditional 2-year, a lot of you who have these employment authorization cards (EAD) are wondering what will happen.  Well, here is the skinny on this one.  If you have an application pending, then, you will receive a three-year authorization at no extra charge.  However, if you currently have a valid 2-year card that you received as part of a renewal, the USCIS will most likely mail you a new card with a three-year expiration.  There is nothing for you to do.  Thanks to President Obama, it is also going to be free.

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