Why employers must hire DREAMers rather than citizens and permanent residents?

There have been many instances in which employers have been reluctant to hire DACA approved DREAMers and the reasons are understandable.  These aliens have no permanent right to work in the United States so if you invest in training them, it might be wasted.  If the job requires overseas travel, it is a hassle to have a DREAMer employee.  However, it turns out that the best reason to replace a US citizen or permanent resident by a deferred action DAPA or DACA individual is cost savings by not having to pay insurance premiums under ObamaCare.  Under current provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) these folks are not eligible so as an employer you do not have to pay a penny for them and they are on their own to find healthcare.  According to many estimates, the savings can be thousands of dollars.

Social Security in retirement after deferred action

Since DREAMers with DACA approvals have been paying their share of Social Security contributions, there was some confusion regarding their ability to collect Social Security benefits during retirement since they do not have any legal status.  Finally this question has been clarified.  The final word on the matter is that you will be able to do so.  It also means that if your employer offers some kind of a 401(K) plan you should try to join it.  In any case, you can try to save through an IRA.  I suggest that you meet with a personal financial adviser to plan for your retirement (it is best to plan as early as possible for retirement because savings do add up over time).  The best part is that even if you decide to retire outside the United States (even many Americans relocate to Mexico during retirement for warmer weather and lower cost of living), you can collect your checks.

Change 2 year DACA work permit to 3-year

Now that DACA for all DREAMers is valid for three years (the same is the case for DAPA or Deferred Action for Parental Accountability for parents who will receive DACA like work permits and deferred deportations) instead of the traditional 2-year, a lot of you who have these employment authorization cards (EAD) are wondering what will happen.  Well, here is the skinny on this one.  If you have an application pending, then, you will receive a three-year authorization at no extra charge.  However, if you currently have a valid 2-year card that you received as part of a renewal, the USCIS will most likely mail you a new card with a three-year expiration.  There is nothing for you to do.  Thanks to President Obama, it is also going to be free.

DACA for all DREAMers

One would wonder what were all those smartypants at the Justice Department were thinking when the original DACA came with an arbitrary age limit.  I wondered what was so interesting about age of 31.  It made no sense.  One would have understood if the limit was 18 or even 21 but if 31 was good enough, what was wrong with 41 or 51.  Thankfully, the Democrats and President Obama realized that if they really want to get the Latino and immigrant vote in 2016, they have to make DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) available for all.  Here are the new eligibility requirements for DACA:

  1. No upper age limit.
  2. Been continuously in the United States since January 1, 2010.
  3. Meet other requirements like having somewhat clean background (Obama has directed the staff at USCIS to accept even fraudulent documents, ignore even serious crimes like felonies, falsely claiming to be a US citizen, lying under oath to a USCIS officer, and using fake documents like green cards and Social Security cards - as evidenced by DREAMers who have been approved)
How to apply?  If you are eligible under the new guidelines, the process will be identical to that being currently followed.  Complete USCIS form I-821D, I 765, and I765WS.  You will need to submit a small fee and go for fingerprinting.  Once you are approved and receive your documents, simply show up at the nearest Social Security Office to apply for your very own Social Security card with a real number.  If you want to exploit a loophole to adjust your status through other means, then cook up an excuse like a dying grandma (it is easy to get false papers about a sick grandma in most of Mexico, Latin America and China from doctors who will say anything for a price) and apply for advanced parole.  Enjoy your status for 3 years and reapply for renewal.

Time for DREAMers to have a baby

Obviously President Obama has expanded the DACA program by allowing even more DREAMers to legalize themselves, they are still not permanent residents and their legal status can be revoked by a new president.  To become a green card holder, this is how you exploit the loophole:
  1. You will need to get advanced parole by fabricating an excuse (apparently a dying grandma is a favorite among DREAMers and a whole industry has cropped up to provide documentation about her imaginary existence and life-threatening illness).
  2. Travel and re-entry after inspection.
  3. Marry a US citizen (apparently many DREAMers are entering fraudulent marriages as unemployed, poor, desperate Americans are seeking ways to get some money to pay their student debt) and apply for adjustment of status which you will be able to do without leaving the United States.

Now that the Democrats and President Obama have declared that priority should be given to parents of US citizen and permanent resident kids, it just makes perfect sense to have a child as soon as possible.  Many female DREAMers have told us that they simply got pregnant without even having a boyfriend -- they simply dressed up and went to a bar.  So if you are a DREAMer, it is definitely something to consider.  If you are a male DREAMer, you will need to find a woman, preferably a DREAMer (she has an incentive to get pregnant) and make her pregnant.  Having a US-born child will literally guarantee that you will never be thrown out of the United States and eventually you will be given permanent residence.  By the way, there are many welfare programs available to pay for the US-born child so there is nothing to worry if you have no or low income.

Obama expands DACA eligibility for DREAMers

If you recall, when President Barack Obama launched DACA for DREAMers the deadline was June 15, 2007.  The Democrats wanted to include only those who had spent at least five years illegally in the United States.  Well, it has been more than two years now and it is time to extend the timing to include those who came later.  The new deadline is January 1, 2010 so that if you came after that date, you would have completed at least five years.  Now, many DREAMers that we have spoken to did not have any evidence of their presence, but we are being told that they used the help of the mafia in Latin America that has agents in the United States (particularly active in California, Arizona, and Texas) who are able to produce fraudulent documents that are so high quality that they look totally genuine.  Since President Obama has instructed the USCIS officers to look the other way when they see a fake document, many DREAMers have been approved

In other words, DREAMers are doing what they can to get their deferral from deportation, work permits, and Social Security cards.  In other words, you definitely want to apply as long as Obama is president because because while the new president in 2016 will not have the courage to cancel DACA, it is likely that if a Republican is elected president, the USCIS will start following the law rather than ignore it right now because all the senior level staff will be changed.

No DACA for parents of DREAMers

Well, it wouldn't really have been DACA, which stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals, but this is the term that is widely accepted as a way for illegal immigrants to live and work legally in the United States without the fear of deportation.  After a long wait, President Barack Obama has concluded that there is no legal basis for deferred action for parents of DREAMers.  The logic is simple: the DREAMers could not be punished for the crimes committed by their parents but despite the fact that if parents are deported, the families get separated, it is a fact that these adults entered the United States of America illegally or overstayed a visa without proper authorization

So what are the options for parents of DACA approved DREAMers?  At this time if you have the financial means to do so, you must try to exploit the loophole in the US law to use advanced parole to take care of your EWI (entry without inspection) which will then clear the way for you to adjust your status without leaving the United States (I am being told by many DREAMers that a dying grandparent is the simplest excuse and there is a whole industry operated by drug mafia and gangsters in Mexico and Central America, that for a price, will create fake documents related to grandma or grandpa being seriously ill and on death bed just in case you do not have a grandparent or is not seriously ill).
You will have to figure out how to adjust your status, but I expect a lot of DREAMers to tie the knot right away with a citizen.  I would not be surprised that a lot of poor American citizens will enter into fraudulent marriages with anyone who is willing to pay several thousand Dollars to them (it is a serious crime for both the citizen and the immigrant but people do it anyway since the USCIS is incapable of policing and is under a lot of pressure from Obama and the Democrats to look the other way even if the marriage is clearly fake).  Once you get a green card, then, you can sponsor your parents to take advantage of the executive order signed by President Obama to defer deportations for parents of permanent residents or green card holders.