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USCIS Form I821D Part 3 For Initial Requests Only

This section need not be completed by DREAMers who are applying for renewal.  However, if you are applying for the very first time, you must affirm that when you first moved to the United States before your 16th birthday (merely saying Yes to question 1 is not enough; you will need to provide solid evidence of being in the US).

In 2, enter your date when you moved to the US to live here (whether legally or illegally).

In 3, enter the name of the airport if you arrived by air.  If you crossed the border illegally, write down the name of the place.

Image of part 3 initial requests only question on uscis form i821d
In question #4, pick 'no lawful status' if you crossed the border illegally.  Choose 'status expired', if you came with a valid visa and cleared immigration at an airport or land crossing but then never left so that you were out of status on 06/15/2012 (if you were in status on this date and later on your status expired, you are not eligible for DACA), and finally choose parole expired, if you had some kind of a parole status but it expired.

5a.  If you entered the United States legally, meaning that you met an immigration officer (also called as 'inspected') either at an airport or land crossing, you must have filled and then received an arrival-departure record in form of an I-94, I-94W or I-95.  If so, check Yes.  If you do not know, ask people with whom you came because it is very important to find out if you entered the US legally or illegally because it has huge consequences on your immigration journey (typically, aliens who entered the country legally but are now undocumented can adjust their status in the US while those who entered without inspection must leave the US to get a green card).

5b. If you have the card with you, enter the number here.  You can also find out the information in some cases here in case you lost your card (though not old data is there).  If not, just leave it blank.

5c.  If you have the card, it will also show the date on which you were authorized to stay in the US.  If you lost the card, then simply leave it blank.

Information about immigration status and i-94 for form i821d for daca