When Social Security office asks if you used another SSN

A lot of DACA approved DREAMers applying for a Social Security number at the SSA offices are reporting to me that the agents in the office are asking them if they have used another SS# and how should they respond.  The reason this is happening is that since almost all undocumented immigrants use fraudulent SSN in America, it has completely messed up the databases of the Social Security Administration.  Due to widespread identity theft, more than one person is using a SSN.  I have also been told that many DACA approved DREAMers with valid SSN are still working with their previous fake number because they cannot change their number at current employment and are unable to find new work.  I am also being told that many unauthorized aliens are also using ITIN and stolen SSN at the same time.  So by asking an applicant if they have used another number, the SSA is hoping to eliminate some of that bad data.

Having said that, what should a DREAMer do if asked?  Honestly, discuss this with an attorney and ask one to accompany you to the Social Security office.  Even a low level clerk at the window is a representative of the United States Federal Government and lying is a very serious crime.  In any case, the very fact that you have used a stolen number means that you have already left a huge paper trail with your employer or when you filed your taxes or claimed a tax refund or applied for a credit card or opened a bank account or did whatever you needed to do.  However, telling the truth is a confession of a very serious crime of identity theft for which, if convicted, you can be deported and denied an immigration benefit (unless there is the so-called immigration reform in which all such crimes will be covered with a blanket amnesty). 

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