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No, you are not an American citizen

I have received so many emails from DREAMers and other undocumented aliens asking if they have been granted US citizenship and if they should apply for American passports (some of them even tried to fill form DS-11 but realized that they did not have the documents to complete it and were wondering how to get the paperwork).  The confusion about ALL immigrants who are in the country illegally are American citizens came out of a comment by Vice President Joe Biden that “You know, 11 million people that are living in the shadows. I believe they’re already Americans citizens.” The vice president is so wrong but he was talking like a politician.  United States is a country with laws that determine who is a citizen and unless Biden becomes a dictator and can do what he want by ignoring Congress and Supreme Court, his comments are just nonsense and clearly made to get the Latino vote.  Neither the US president or the VP has any powers at all to declare anyone -- legal or illegal -- a citize

Preparation for DACA renewal

If you were one of those prompt DREAMers who filed for DACA as soon as the program was launched in fall of 2012, it is time for renewing not just the deferral on deportations but also the work permit (in case you planned on working the last time or plan to work going forward).  As is always the case with immigration petitions, renewals are simpler and faster, especially if you have stayed away from crimes.  Since the actual renewal process has not started yet (expected to start around Memorial Day, 2014), here are some important details that you need to know so that when you are four months away from the expiration of your EAD or USCIS Form I-766 , you can apply to renew DACA and employment authorization card . You will need to file the same forms as last time: USCIS Form I-765 , I-821D , and I765WS .  They will be updated in May 2014 and will include a renewal check box and additional questions. You will have to pay the fee again, so start saving. Unless you have committed a