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DACA approved for deported DREAMer

As I have been reporting, the USCIS is basically rubber-stamping DACA applications (yes, there are a few denials and some applications have been stuck forever , but the approval rate is 95% plus, a record for any type of immigration benefit).  We now have record of DACA being approved after lying under oath , even using fake documents , and for having more than three misdemeanors .  That is why I wonder why not all DREAMers are applying for DACA . Now, in a unique development, another DREAMer by the name of Jesus Ruiz Diego, who resisted deportation from 1998 all the way to 2008, but after deportation, he entered the United States illegally again .  As you maybe aware, unauthorized entry in the US by a deported alien is a felony and ICE did try to deport him again in 2012 but after a decision by an immigration judge, the USCIS has granted him deferred status .  It means that DREAMers who were deported or left voluntarily after June 15, 2012 maybe able to exploit this loophole to g