Health insurance for DACA approved DREAMers

If you are a DACA approved DREAMer who has a job your best option is to seek health insurance through your employer.  Since despite having DACA approval, these DREAMers are still illegally in the country, they are not eligible for ObamaCare.  At this time, all states except California do not allow this group of DREAMers to take advantage of any government health insurance programs that cover low income citizens and legal residents.  The simple reasoning is that government funded programs should be reserved exclusively for US citizens and to a smaller extent to legal residents.  Thankfully, the State of California is cementing its reputation as a friendly state for undocumented aliens by extending provisions like in state tuition, right to practice law, and low cost, subsidized health insurance coverage under Medi-Cal.  Obviously, it seems that a loophole exists for you to exploit right now but always consult with an attorney if you should apply because as awesome as it might sound to get health insurance for free or cheap, it might come to bite you at a later time.

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