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Steps to follow from fake SSN to genuine EAD

Transitioning from an ITIN to a valid Social Security number is a straightforward process (particularly if you did not use the ITIN to work illegally in the United States), but moving from a fraudulent or stolen SS# to a genuine number is a lot less smooth.  Technically, Social Security numbers are for life and never really changed , so it is not really a good excuse to present to an employer when you are approved for DACA .  This happens because there really is no process for undocumented aliens who were working without authorization using a fake number to then change their number without changing jobs (and that too is a huge challenge because their credit histories and employment histories are tied to a number that belongs to someone else ).  The most complicated cases are those in which an alien assumed the identity of an American or legal resident and now has a valid number. Looks like we now have some clarity from the Department of Justice (Civil Rights Division - Office

How does USCIS process criminal DREAMers?

For fastest processing of any immigration petition, the best situation to be in is one with zero criminal past .  It does not matter if you were convicted or falsely accused or happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, unfortunately, arrests and detentions are ALWAYS visible to the United States Government agencies (even if they are expunged from your public record).  In other words, if you are not a native born citizen, DO NOT break the law, ever.  Or at least, till you take the oath of a naturalized citizen . Now, the DACA program is very lenient on DREAMers with criminal past (as many as three non-significant misdemeanors are allowed; crimes committed before you were 18 are often overlooked as long as they are not national security concerns) but as soon as you start to admit that you indeed have broken the law, the application is treated a lot differently.  Needless to add that if you have committed a felony or a significant misdemeanor, the application is rejected rig