Options for DREAMers to practice law in the United States

Even DREAMers with DACA are not automatically able to practice as an attorney because to do so they must be accepted to the bar.  Since DACA approved DREAMers are still not legally in the United States (DACA merely defers deportation for two years but does not grant any legal status in the country), they are typically not admitted to the bar.  The State of California now allows all unauthorized immigrants to be accepted to the bar as long as they are otherwise admissible.  It means that only DACA approved lawyers will actually be able to work legally in California.  It appears, though, that once they are admitted to the bar, alien attorneys without legal status in California, will be able to accept under the table payments or steal someone else's identity to work or simply buy a fraudulent SSN.  The situation in other states is still evolving but at this time, undocumented aliens are not allowed to enter the bar.

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