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Legalization for DREAMers with military family member

Since comprehensive immigration reform is dead till 2017 (it will be revived assuming that the Democrats win solid majorities in Congress, retain the White House, and something else does not distract them the way President Obama was in the period 2009 and 2010), the Obama Administration is using backdoor techniques to provide relief to undocumented immigrants by exploiting loopholes in the law.  In a very clever move, he exploited a loop hole to create DACA for some DREAMers (and most experts now believe that like TPS this program will never be repealed), and yet again, he has found a gray area in the law that allows spouses, parents and children of an active duty or retired serviceman to be legalized , first through a parole-in-place, and then adjustment of status to permanent residency. What is this program?   If you are undocumented in the United States , you get to legalize your status in form of a parole-in-place (meaning that you get paroled without leaving the US; in other