Can I get a mortgage with DACA approval?

Generally speaking, the mortgage banks prefer making loans to permanent residents and citizens.  Banks may also issue loans to people with other types of visas like H or L, which are not permanent but do have potential.  As far as DACA approved DREAMers are concerned, only for IRS tax filing purposes are you a resident (a word that has a different meaning under tax laws than that for immigration status purpose -- basically, the IRS thinks you are a resident if you live in the US) but for everything else you are not even a resident (and definitely not a permanent resident, which is a term reserved for those with a green card).  With DACA, you continue to be in the US illegally and all it does is to grant you a deferral on deportation for two years.  During this time, you also do not accrue unlawful stay, which is also a technicality but can be helpful at the time of legalization.

The net result is that if the bank requires you to be a permanent resident for a loan, you are not eligible and you cannot claim to be a permanent resident (remember that while it is acceptable in the undocumented community to lie about your legal status including claiming to be a citizen or permanent resident but the US law puts a higher burden on those who have some kind of papers that they will be more truthful because the penalty for them is much higher and it is easier to catch them).  The loan application may not have an appropriate category for DACA, but if you talk to the bank let them know that you do not have a legal status in the US but for two years you have a right to live and work.  Some financial institutions may still issue a loan to you and might insist on a cosigner who is a citizen or permanent resident or may ask you put down a much higher down payment and/or charge you a higher rate of interest. 

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