CIR is dead; apply for DACA

Since one year of DACA statistics are now available and just about 600,000 applicants filed their petitions, it means that there are still at least as many eligible DREAMers who have not filed (I came up with this number based on the fact that the close to 2 million estimate was probably inaccurate and there are probably many DREAMers who have criminal records, do not have documents needed, lack the money to pay the fees, or simply don't give a damn about their immigration status).

I know a lot of DREAMers were waiting for comprehensive immigration reform to happen in the hope that they will save money by applying only once and also the hassle of putting together all the documents needed.  At the time of writing this blog post, unless there is a miracle (they don't seem to happen anyway if even one Republican is around), no experts believe that any legislation will pass this year.  Most legal scholars and Congress watchers believe that the next big hope for reform is probably 2017 if a Democrat is in the White House.

You can read the benefits of applying for DACA even if immigration reform magically happens but since it is highly unlikely to happen, you may want to file your DACA application even if it means that you have to do a lot of running around to compile the paperwork and borrow money to pay the fee.  At least you will have a work permit till 2016 and cannot be deported for just being illegally in the US.  This will give you enough time to plan for your future as well.  Many experts are suggesting that while it is understandable that undocumented immigrants with minimal education and low skills may want to live forever in the US even without status, it makes no sense for DREAMers will college degree to do so and they may want to explore their options elsewhere in the world.  Having solid professional experience possible only with a work permit will improve their chances of success in life wherever they can legally work.

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