No prosecution for illegal employment or identity theft

We have already seen that many DREAMers who worked illegally using fraudulent documents or identity fraud (which are serious crimes under US law) were approved for DACA.  Legal experts concluded that without declaring so, the Obama Administration has essentially decided not to treat these as criminal actions by undocumented aliens (US citizens, however, will continue to be prosecuted for the same crimes).  We are now learning that this might very well be official policy, just not made public in a memo yet, because it will upset Americans and Republican politicians.

How did this come about?  Recently Danny's Family Carwash in Phoenix, AZ was raided by ICE, and except for a few staff members, all the rest were unauthorized workers who are in the country illegally.  While the illegal workers were arrested, they were all freed and will not be prosecuted or deported.  The comments by ICE spokesperson, Barbara Gonzalez, gave a hint of how the Obama Administration plans to deal with anyone working with a fake Social Security number or even a false identity using forged documents like green cards, Social Security cards, passports, driver's licenses, or claiming to be a US citizen.  She said, "As everyone here knows, we target employers, employers that aren't playing by the rules. We don't target the employees, we're targeting the companies that are not playing by the rules."


This is very positive news for undocumented immigrants who are unable to legalize their status right now.  They can now work without any fear of being caught merely for working illegally.  It is important to remember that just because President Obama is not enforcing these laws, it does not mean that those laws do not exist.  A Republican president might decide to enforce them.  Also, like any other legal resident, you can be caught and prosecuted for other crimes like drug possession, murder, DUI, etc.

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