Deferred Action for all DREAMers and other immigrants

When the president announced DACA he excluded many DREAMers but now with Comprehensive Immigration Reform all but dead, there is some promising news that Obama will declare a program similar to DACA for all undocumented immigrants.  It is expected that to get maximum political benefit the president will wait just as the 2014 midterm elections campaigning heats up, so I expect that it will be finalized around June 2014 and then applications will be accepted around August of next year.

What is the eligibility requirement?

Like the DACA program, you cannot have felonies on your criminal record, though, up to three misdemeanors will be allowed.  You will also need to show continuous presence for the approximate period of 2009~2014 and prove strong ties to the United States in form of employment, education or raising a family.  Parents of legal US residents (citizens, permanent residents, other legal status), parents of disabled family members, individuals who fear violence if they return home, victims of crimes, senior citizens, and DREAMers of any age will be eligible.


What is the application process?

You will be asked to complete an application that will include a separate application for a work permit in case you wish to have legal authorization for employment.  There will be a processing fee and after that you will be fingerprinted.  If all requirements are met, the application is complete, and the FBI gives a green light for your background check, you will receive an EAD, a valid Social Security number, and these can be used to apply for driver's license and advanced parole documents for restricted overseas travel.  While the program will not grant any legal status, it will definitely last till a Democrat is in the White House, but most experts believe that like TPS if such a program is put into place it will be impossible to repeal unless a crazy like Senator Ted Cruz becomes the president.

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