How to erase record of my fake SSN?

Most working age DREAMers have used a false Social Security number in the United States to live their lives allowing them to attend college, open bank accounts, get credit cards, apply for car loans/mortgages, work, and even file taxes (incidentally, all of these are serious identity theft crimes and often felonies punishable by years in jail and even deportation, if caught).  With the help of DACA, many DREAMers now have valid Social Security numbers but looks like the weight of a fraudulent SSN is hanging around their necks.  Even if they leave their current jobs (where it is nearly impossible to switch fake SS#) and start new ones, the paper trail with old number is too huge.  For instance, school/college transcripts cannot be updated with new numbers.  Going to a bank and trying to modify the SSN will actually trigger a fraud investigation by the bank and lawsuits will soon follow (paying down the debts in full is not an option with mortgages for most).  Even worse, while the credit bureaus will happily take your new information and add it to their databases, the old information never goes away and will always be part of your credit history since the bureaus are notorious for errors in their reports, but more importantly, the approach of these institutions is to add whatever information that they can find on you even if it is inaccurate (the net result is that you have now permanently created a record of breaking the law and this can be an issue in jobs that require handling money, crime fighting, or intelligence).  So when you mail them a copy of your Social Security card or somehow the institution with which you are now doing business using your new real number, they simply add it to the file rather than delete the old one.  Being private companies, we have no control over what data they keep in their files.  The net result is that your credit record will always show your past because the bureaus use several identifiers (like phone numbers, addresses, credit accounts held, etc.) rather than just SSN.


So is it possible to start over with a clean slate after receiving a genuine SSN?  To the extent possible, try to change your number.  For instance, you can get a new job.  You can also close your old credit accounts by paying down the debts.  With regards to credit history, the financial institutions are more focused on your current income and your history of paying down past debts rather than what identifying information is on your file.  As long as you have a good record of paying down your debts and have the income to qualify for a loan, most likely the financial institution will ignore fraudulent information.  Maybe it will be a problem in situation where the investigation in your background will be more thorough but if you live a crime-free life, employers and institutions will ignore the offending information.  Inconveniences due to negative information are simply a small price to pay for past unlawful status.

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