How to legally cross US border to seek asylum?

It seems that the Obama Administration is now encouraging DREAMers and other aliens to legalize their status through political asylum loophole because it is almost certain that Comprehensive Immigration Reform is dead.  For those of you who are risk takers and have the courage to do it, this is a very short window of opportunity to enter the United States legally, get a work permit, driver's license, and eventually a green card.  As already explained previously, it would be best to hire an excellent attorney to make the process go smoothly, but there are reports that immigrants who speak no English at all have been legally admitted into the United States after saying just the password "credible fear."  Basically this is a legal term that you have genuine fear of being persecuted or tortured either by a government or gang or group (e.g. if you are in a Catholic country and want to become a Protestant Christian you can even claim credible fear of persecution by fellow Christians or you can claim that you are being persecuted for not speaking Spanish or speaking it with an accent as DREAM9 members claimed).  For those of you who are planning to seek asylum in the United States, the best option is to claim fear of drug dealers and mafia members.


How to make sure that you have a rock solid case?  Get a good lawyer involved.  There are also reports that coyotes that specialize in immigrant smuggling are also provide fake documents related to ransom demands and are also beating up people to prove violence and abuse (they are also providing photos and doctor's certificates).  They also able to procure police reports from corrupt cops documenting the (fake) torture.

What will happen in the United States once you arrive?  Apparently, the system is so overwhelmed that you no longer have to live even in a prison.  American taxpayers are providing free hotels and food for asylum seekers.  Since there is enormous pressure on the government to keep these costs low, most likely you will be released right away and be able to purse your path to green card while living like a legal immigrant.  Many experts fear that the rules might change soon so the opportunity is short.  This path is perfect for those DREAMers who were deported or left voluntarily because they have nothing to lose.  Most likely they will not be covered by Obama Immigration Reform and trying to come any other way will take years.  The law and order situation in Central America and Mexico is so serious that everyone qualifies.

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