Help to get DACA in New York City

While the overall number of DACA applicants has been disappointingly low, other programs designed to help DREAMers have also failed.  Immigrant advocates have been scratching their heads wondering where are the two millions that they had hoped would take advantage of Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals, which not only grants a reprieve from deportation for two years (and renewable after that, at least as long as a Democrat keeps winning the White House after 2016) but also provides a work permit and valid Social Security number.  The DACA approved DREAMers also qualify automatically for RPI visa after Comprehensive Immigration Reform becomes law.  While life after DACA is not a cakewalk (the job market is tight for everyone), many DREAMers are finding employment, buying cars, traveling on planes, driving cars -- all legally.


Now the City of New York is hoping that by helping other unqualified DREAMers (who meet all requirements but lack a high school diploma and are currently not enrolled in GED), they can increase the number of DACA recipients.  The State will spend taxpayer dollars ($18 million) to provide free adult education classes to undocumented immigrants so that they can claim to be enrolled in GED and apply for DACA.

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