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Apply for DACA if already working with my own SSN

Natalia writes, "I would like to apply for DACA , however, I worked using my social security # that was issued to me that states "valid for work only with ins authorization."  I came to the US when I was 13 years old. Went to HS for 4 years and graduated. I then enrolled and graduated from a vocational nursing school, got a student loan to pay for it, and still paying for it. Nowadays, I work as a nurse using my own social security # and file my income taxes yearly. Furthermore, I am still going to a community college, in order to finish my studies and hopefully to obtain my nursing degree.  I would like to ask for your advice, because I make an annual income of $40k/year and would like to know if I might come across some dilemma working with my SS# with restrictions on employment ." It is obvious that you have a huge paper trail of working illegally , a fairly serious crime.  The fact is that many other DREAMers are also working illegally, but in their cases they

Help to get DACA in New York City

While the overall number of DACA applicants has been disappointingly low , other programs designed to help DREAMers have also failed .  Immigrant advocates have been scratching their heads wondering where are the two millions that they had hoped would take advantage of Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals , which not only grants a reprieve from deportation for two years (and renewable after that, at least as long as a Democrat keeps winning the White House after 2016 ) but also provides a work permit and valid Social Security number .  The DACA approved DREAMers also qualify automatically for RPI visa after Comprehensive Immigration Reform becomes law.  While life after DACA is not a cakewalk (the job market is tight for everyone), many DREAMers are finding employment , buying cars, traveling on planes , driving cars -- all legally.   Now the City of New York is hoping that by helping other unqualified DREAMers (who meet all requirements but lack a high school diploma and ar

Use AP to fix EWI situation

DREAMers who entered the United States without inspection (EWI) are (in the absence of an amnesty that would forgive that crime) cannot adjust their status in the United States even if they are otherwise eligible to do so, for example, by virtue of marriage to a US citizen .  They will need to undergo consular processing with the risk that they me barred from entering the United States for a number of years depending on the time spent under unlawful status in the country .  Under very special circumstances, they can ask for a waiver of that ban by filing USCIS Form I601A and then wait only for days/weeks in their native countries, but this privilege is only available if they can demonstrate that undue hardship will be caused to their citizen family members. It turns out that some DACA approved DREAMers are exploiting a loophole in the law to erase the entry without inspection mark on their immigration history.  This is how they are successful in doing it:   Fabricate an