DACA approved after lying under oath

It looks like DREAMers and all other undocumented immigrants will have an easier path getting approved for RPI immigration status assuming what a sloppy job USCIS is doing with DACA applications.  After highlighting that USCIS has approved DREAMers with fake documents and even those with more than 3 misdemeanors, my attention was drawn to a DREAMer who admits to lying under oath during an interview for DACA with USCIS agents being approved.  As you can see in the image below of the story told by the DREAMer on an online forum (click the image to see the larger version), basically he used a fraudulent Social Security number to work but when asked about it by the officers under oath, he lied about it (the agency has deliberately not asked about it in USCIS Form I-821D so lying is not necessary).  The approval came right away and it is expected that such candidates will be automatically approved for RPI visas without additional scrutiny, followed by green cards and eventually citizenship.


Story of illegal immigrant approved after lying under oath during field interview

So is it okay to lie to the USCIS under oath?  Many of you will see this (there are many other stories about immigrants who lied on their applications or submitted fraudulent documents and are now American citizens) as a reason to submit false testimony to the Federal Government either in your application or during an interview, but legally, this is never acceptable (even though the poorly staffed USCIS with their low pay and constant Republican attacks mean that the officers will never have the time and resources to check anything and will basically be rubber stamping all the applications they receive).  It is a very serious crime, if caught (and you can be caught even after you naturalize), punishable by rejection of the application and jail time prior to deportation.

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