Job background check for DACA approved DREAMers

While the DREAMers have found a huge opportunity with DACA, it is not possible to just go on with their lives like regular Americans.  A rapidly developing problem for these folks is finding work.  Not only is the employment environment bleak (forcing many DACA approved DREAMers to continue working at their old jobs still using their fake Social Security numbers, while being in possession of a valid SSN and work permit; others continue to work under fake or stolen identities), those who are able to find new jobs are running into problems with background checks commonly used by employers.

When DREAMers with professional qualifications want to take advantage of their previous (illegal) work to prove that they have the relevant work experience or to prove that they are superior candidates, they have to provide a lot of details.  Unfortunately, since their identities do not match with the databases used by research firms, it comes across as if they have been lying about their skills and experience, a reason enough for rejection without assigning any cause (the employers typically send a canned response never disclosing that they found you to be lying on your application).


Some candidates have approached or were approached by background investigation firms and they confessed to working without valid documents or that they were sill undocumented or that they had used fake papers in the past to work, and not surprisingly, this information gets included in the report but also entered into the databases used by these firms.  Obviously, no corporation will hire an individual who admits to working illegally or for stealing identities, particularly if the job requires highest level of integrity, like in finance, law, security, intelligence, research, banking, etc.

What can DREAMers do to deal with this dilemma?  It is a very difficult situation to be in and the best option is to avoid applying to employers for whom a clean background is a must.  So if you were lying or using fraudulent documents to be in the United States and work, how can you be trusted about anything else, the argument goes in the minds of a recruiter, who probably has dozens of other candidates to choose from, and there is no way to win here.  That is why it is best to stick with small employers that are not likely to engage in a thorough background investigation and often rely on just picking up the phone and calling your references.  You may have to do this for a few years (at least two is good for most entry level jobs and about five for mid management jobs) and that way you can develop a good history over time.  But remember that in some databases you will never come across as clean and there are some jobs that you will never be able to get simply because a lot of large corporations are very meticulous about these things and often do not even read the background reports seriously.  If the background research firm sends a report with a few red flags about you, they simply hire the next candidate.  Basically, it is the price you will need to pay for your past as a lawbreaker.

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