Did Massachusetts DREAMers disqualify themselves from CIR?

Here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where DREAMers Are Us is based, I was closely following the news related to giving in-state tuition to DREAMers by Governor Deval Patrick.  In this state with some of the finest colleges and universities, it was expected that all these DREAMers would be able to go to college and the Governor fought hard for them.  Looks like it was a waste.  So far not even 50 students have taken advantage of the exemption (out of approximately 300,000).  So what went wrong?

  1. The immigrant rights groups have a hidden agenda to exaggerate numbers so that they can take advantage of all the government and charitable goodies that come their way.  These activists groups clearly overestimated the number of DREAMers eligible for DACA, predicting that millions of young undocumented immigrants will come out of the shadows.  In that sense, DACA too has been a massive disappointment.
  2. DREAMers are just too poor to go to college to pay for the rest of the expenses.
  3. It is also being hypothesized that many DREAMers have lied about their undocumented status and have declared themselves to be US citizens.

What are the implications?

If you fraudulently checked the US citizenship box on your college application, then you will not be eligible for legalization to RPI status under Immigration Reform.  Even if you claimed to be an American in high school before the age of 18, you can seek a waiver, but after 18 doing so will make you ineligible.  You maybe able to appeal to a judge but it will be hard to convince a judge that you did not know your citizenship status while being smart enough to attend college.  If you are one of these cases, you need to immediately correct the mistake in your college records and that might be counted as a plus while filing for relief in the courts, but if you do not wish to do so, you will at least have had excellent college education from the US that can be put to great use in your native country, or you can continue to live as an undocumented in America, since it is expected that only about 50% of the illegal immigrants will legalize; the balance 5 million or so will continue with their lives without status (most experts believe that all the tough talk about eVerify is utter nonsense and the US Government has no intention whatsoever of enforcing it).

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