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USCIS approving DREAMers who used fake documents

Those DREAMers who used fraudulent passports and/or visa to enter the United States have been wondering if they will be approved for DACA and eventually for RPI status.  Well, while researching the forums of DREAMers, I have come across a case in which an individual who did this has already been approved.  This is a process that maybe very familiar for those in the undocumented community.

How does the process work?  Everyone knows that visas to the United States maybe somewhat difficult to obtain, but they are fairly easy for wealthy people.  Once you get the visa, renewals are even easier, and so are adding family members.  So this DREAMer (I am highlighting a typical example but there are many other people discussing similar cases), whose parents were already in the United States illegally, paid an undisclosed sum of money to an American visa holder, who applied to add him to his visa using a fictitious name and documents.  Then he traveled to the US and since he was a child, no fingerprints or photographs were taken.  Upon arrival, he simply reverted to his actual identity.  In his DACA application, since the US Government had no way to check this, he simply declared that he entered without inspection, and what I found interesting is that he listed the Place of Last Entry into the U.S. as Washington, District of Columbia.  After the typical four-month period, he was approved without any questions.

Please click on the images below to read how the applicant's story:

Click to read story of DREAMer
You will need to click on the image below to see what he actually did and an update on his approval:
Click to view approval of a DREAMer with false documents to enter the US

So how did the USCIS approve him?  Well, as some of the USCIS union members have been pointing out, the agency is in a mess and there is tremendous pressure on them to rubber stamp immigration applications.  So, they really are not checking things very well.  To somehow claim that you entered the United States in Washington, DC (I even read of people listing Miami) without inspection is unusual (most people tend to enter through the land border with Mexico), but looks like the adjudicating officers are under too much pressure to approve applications because of the workload.


RPI visa approvals will be easy:  Keeping this spirit of rubber stamping almost all the applications will continue because in the Comprehensive Immigration Reform there is a provision that an immigrant can simply submit an affidavit rather than provide any documentation.  So unless an alien has a valid document that supports her case, she can simply file an affidavit by her or others to build her case, and if the Reagan amnesty is any indicator, many people will be selling affidavits for a price.  Imagine 11 million applications in the pipeline with Congress always cutting the government budget!  Looks as if getting approvals will be a breeze, particularly because there are not going to be any interviews, where it is easy to get caught.

Are there risks?  While the USCIS may be careless or deliberately look the other way or be incompetent, it is important to remember that use of fake documents is a serious crime.  In addition, when you sign an immigration petition, if you lie, you will be committing fraud and perjury, both serious crimes as well (though, the new law makes it clear that there will be penalty and no one is going to prosecute you because there just aren't enough prosecutors to prosecute immigration fraud).  So despite the fact that USCIS is approving cases without checking, you must understand your risks, though, it seems that all these applications are being filed with the help of attorneys.