DACA approval for more than 3 misdemeanors

If you read the eligibility requirements of DACA you know that you are eligible only if you have a maximum of three misdemeanors.  Well, it turns out that USCIS is not only approving those DREAMers who used fraudulent entry documents, it is also approving applicants with more than three misdemeanors on record.  One user on a forum for DREAMers is reporting that "i have 4 Misdemeanor charges on my record for traffic related stuff like Driving under Revocation etc but nothing violent.  I consider myself lucky to have went thru" (spelling and grammar mistakes are by the original poster, not me).


Basically, this goes on to say that the prosecutorial discretion is powerful and one should not be afraid of applying for an immigration benefit just because one is not eligible.  The USCIS officers have a lot of freedom in deciding cases, and in the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (BSEOIM) the prosecutors can literally give the Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI) legal status to anyone even if they do not meet any of the requirements because of the waiver loopholes.  Also, do not forget that USCIS offices are understaffed and overworked (you can thank Republicans for never approving enough funds for government that keeps the employees highly discouraged and unmotivated) and some even consider them incompetent and careless for approving Chechen terrorists.

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