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USCIS approving DREAMers who used fake documents

Those DREAMers who used fraudulent passports and/or visa to enter the United States have been wondering if they will be approved for DACA and eventually for RPI status .  Well, while researching the forums of DREAMers, I have come across a case in which an individual who did this has already been approved.  This is a process that maybe very familiar for those in the undocumented community. How does the process work?   Everyone knows that visas to the United States maybe somewhat difficult to obtain, but they are fairly easy for wealthy people.  Once you get the visa, renewals are even easier, and so are adding family members.  So this DREAMer (I am highlighting a typical example but there are many other people discussing similar cases), whose parents were already in the United States illegally , paid an undisclosed sum of money to an American visa holder, who applied to add him to his visa using a fictitious name and documents.  Then he traveled to the US and since he was a child,

How to prepare for DACA interview?

Tammy writes, "I entered without inspection from the border with Mexico at age 4.  I filed for deferred action on Oct 17, 2012 and went for my biometrics appointment on November 20. I provided evidence like school records, medical records, bank statements, church letters, gym records. I do not have a criminal record , I have never been in trouble in any way. All the papers of course were 100% legit.  My whole packet was pretty extensive, maybe a good two inches thick. The only thing, was that I was in Mexico my 7th and 8th grades, but this was way before 2007 and I was still a minor. But I had to be honest about it when I had to list all my addresses since my arrival.  Other than that, maybe because I was advised to put "undetermined" for my income/expenses since I don't have a paying job. I help my mom with housekeeping but she is the one who gets paid cash . So it's really hard to put down a salary/income since I technically don't have one. I recently rec