How to exploit waivers for ineligibility situations?

If you are depressed that you maybe ineligible for adjusting your status to RPI because you came after the cutoff date or lack the evidence to demonstrate continuous presence or you have way too many felonies or misdemeanor convictions or you used fake papers to enter the United States or you ended up making a false claim to American citizenship.  Don't just self deport because there is hope, through a sleepy provision in the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (BSEOIM).  In the law there are loopholes that are designed to help undocumented aliens who are not technically ineligible but still will be able to legalize.  

How does this work?  The law gives the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security the power to declare that one or even all the requirements of eligibility be waived on a case by case basis.  These are waivers not just for deported aliens to return if they have family members in the United States but waivers related to almost all the requirements including dates or lack of evidence or criminal convictions.  What you will require is an excellent immigration lawyer because based on your situation, a compelling case will need to be developed playing on family ties or persecution overseas (hey, that is how the Boston terrorists got American citizenship) or religious freedom (these are cases that win almost every time particularly if you cook up a story about being a Christian who will not be able to practice the faith elsewhere). The law permits the DHS Secretary to approve these waivers without any objections from anyone -- and who will be watching?  The politicians in Washington will move on to the next fight very quickly. 


Undocumented aliens will do just fine even after CIR is law:  Another hope for you is that you maybe able to live and work like the past because American employers are addicted to cheap labor.  The US economy cannot function if the wages go up and businesses will go bankrupt if they were to hire people on market wages because their business model is built around exploitation of unauthorized workers.  Most experts expect that as soon as their employees become legal they will be fired because even if these folks do not demand higher wages and/or benefits, the employer will need to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA), for which they simply do not have room in their cost structure.  Almost immediately, these employers will be lining up to find new unauthorized workers.  The truth is that eVerify or whatever else the politicians talk about are nothing but buzzwords because the US Government, Democrat or Republican, has no desire to control the actions of so-called small business owners and farmers, who have very powerful lobbies.

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