Do DREAMers get student aid after RPI?

DREAMers who get approved for RPI status get a lot of benefits, but the so-called Federal Student Aid is not one of them, because it is expected that until they become permanent residents they should not receive any Federal benefits.  For those DREAMers who just happen to be in that age bracket that the perfect time to go to college is that five year window, it would mean that they will have to seek loans from elsewhere or invest their own funds.  Going to college is expensive but there are other financial options available and you will need to look for them more diligently.  If it still does not work for you, the great thing about America is that there really is no set time to be in college; you can do that at any age.  So if you cannot attend college during the Registered Provision Immigrant (RPI) legal status, just wait to become a LPR and citizen, and then do it.  That way, you can borrow money with much more generous terms.

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