Fee waiver and free legal help for RPI immigrant visa

Those DREAMers who struggled to pay for DACA had a hard time getting a fee waiver, simply because it was a short-term administrative decision by President Barack Obama in an election year with strong opposition from GOP.  It would have been too much to ask Congress to also approve fee waivers, but the best news for undocumented immigrants eligible to apply for Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI) legal status is that the United States Government is not only giving away these visas with a pathway to citizenship, you may also not have to pay for legal help and fee. 


A lot of charity and faith based organizations will be distributed a total of $100 million under the so-called “Initial Entry, Adjustment, and Citizenship Assistance” (IEACA) that they can use to hire staff members to help aliens figure out if they are eligible for adjusting their status, putting together their documents, completing the application, and filing the paperwork.  Now remember that a lot of these organizations supposedly designed to help immigrants are full of crooks who feed on taxpayer dollars like these.  For them it is basically easy money so what they do is to pay huge salaries to themselves and hire their friends and family members as consultants to do nothing but advise them.  Still, they will need to provide a lot of free help (just so that they don't get caught) if you are willing to line up and wait.  So as you prepare for applying to adjust your status to RPI, keep an eye out for organizations in your area who will be grabbing millions of dollars from Uncle Sam and make sure that you get your fair share of services from them that might come in form of immigration clinics, one-on-one free consultation with attorneys, and help filling your applications.

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