Docs needed by DREAMers for RPI status without DACA approval

Based on my understanding of how the legalization process works for other similar visas issued by the US Government, here is a tentative list of documents that you may start to compile, so that when the USCIS starts accepting visa applications, all you need to do is to fill the application.  Remember that if you are a DREAMer with DACA approval in hand the list of documents needed is quite different.

  1. Valid passport.  Since many countries have a broken process of serving their own citizens, and there will be a surge of applications (Mexican DREAMers, take note) in coming months, you should apply for one right away.
  2. Birth certificate.  It might also come handy if you cannot get a passport.
  3. If you have had legal troubles, compile the documents related to the court case.  Approach the attorneys involved in the case or the courts you attended to get copies of the documentation.  DO NOT even think you can hide criminal behavior of any kind because having a criminal background is not as bad as trying to hide it.

  4. Proof of all the employment that you have had and the amount of wages that you made in each one of them (W-2 forms for each year should suffice).  Apparently, working illegally, that is, without an authorization to work or working with a fraudulent SSN is not considered a crime in the Obama Immigration Reform, and therefore, it is best to come clean, even if you were paid in cash under the table.
  5. Start saving money to pay for legalization.  There is no penalty for minors and DREAMers, you should still save the money in case you have not filed income taxes, because you will need to pay whatever taxes you owe.
  6. If you came to the USA illegally, meaning entry without inspection (EWI), you will need good  documentation that you came prior to December 31, 2011.  It can be in form of school/work records, immunization record, etc.
  7. If you entered the USA legally with a proper visa, that is, you entered after inspection at an airport or border checkpoint, the passport that you used to enter.  It will be great if you still have the I-94 form that you completed before entry, though, there is no reason to worry, if your passport has a clear stamp indicating the date of entry.
  8. Proof of doing your income taxes with the United States IRS whether done with an ITIN or a fake SS#, as long as the tax documents have your real name.
  9. Proof of continuous presence.  It can be documents related to school/college/work/bank/leases, etc. that show that you did not leave the country and have resided here ever since.

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