What will the RPI status card look like?

There has been some confusion about what type of document an undocumented alien approved for the Registered Provision Immigrant (RPI) legal status under the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (BSEOIM) will receive.  You will be issued a high-tech, tamper proof, secure smart card, similar to a green or LPR card (there is no plan to actually paste a document in your passport -- they are typically given to short-term visitors or nonimmigrants and referred to as visas) so when you check in at an overseas airport to take a flight headed to the US, you will present both your passport and the RPI card as proof that you have a permit to enter the United States). 


All the information related to your identity and legal immigration status (such as full legal name, Social Security number, A#, date of birth, country of origin, legal status, expiration date, etc.) will be scrambled and embedded in this card and can be downloaded by a reader designed for this purpose.  So when you get off an airplane or line up to cross the border by land from Mexico/Canada, the immigration agent can see all the information with just a swipe or tap (while the Customs and Border Patrol officer may not stamp your passport when you enter the US, you will still be required to carry your passport with you).  You will also use this card as evidence that you are authorized to work in the United States when you start work at a new employer.  The RPI card will also be used at the DMV/RMV.  It can also be used as an ID to get on a plane within the country or wherever else you maybe asked to show identification.  Particularly for immigrants in border states, if ordered by an officer at a checkpoint, the RPI card can be used to prove that you are legal resident in the United States.

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