IRS rejects taxes by DACA approved DREAMers using a fake SSN

Several DREAMers are reporting that for the work they did prior to being approved for DACA and getting their legal Social Security number, when they filed taxes with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), while they received their tax refund on time, they got a letter from the agency asking to correct the mistake due to a mismatch of the SS# and name on the W-2 form.

So what has happened here?  Well, while it is mandatory to file taxes by everyone, this is essentially a big mess for which the IRS and SSA have no process to deal with.  When an illegal immigrant who uses someone else's SS# or a made up number to work and then file taxes, the IRS often does not have the resources to deal with the confusing situation.  It might send letters about the errors to whatever addresses it has on file but some undocumented aliens have been able to fool the system by also getting refunds and literally creating an identity in the IRS databases.

Unfortunately, this system gets totally confused when the SSN on the W-2 form does not match with the number you use to file your taxes.  So those aliens who have a W-2 from an illegal SSN and need to file a tax return with their genuine number, there is no path provided by the IRS.  This problem will only get worse with those DREAMers have been unsuccessful in updating their SSN at their place of employment after DACA approval.  Not only is it illegal to work with a fake SSN when you have an authentic number, the system at IRS simply cannot handle the mess.  That is why the experts suggest that at least for the future, DACA approved DREAMers quit their illegal job immediately and get another job using their valid SSN.  At this time, there is no good answer as to what to do, unless the IRS issues some guidelines, but simply file your taxes, keep a good record of the paperwork, and then simply wait.

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