Can DREAMers use employment records for RPI status?

Do you remember how the USCIS initially said that DREAMers and their employers were not immune from prosecution for working illegally or hiring undocumented workers?  In the RPI Immigration bill, it is clearly stated that when immigrants use their work records as evidence for their adjustment applications, they cannot be charged with such crimes as identity theft or Social Security fraud for using forged Social Security cards or just making up SSN.  Similarly, when employers issue copies of their work history or write a letter stating that an immigrant was an employee in their workplace, they will not be charged with breaking the law.  The only word of caution is that if you signed an I-9 form before the age of 18 and checked the US citizenship box, you maybe charged with false claim to US citizenship and in that case, you should discuss this issue with an attorney, because even if you choose to not submit that I9 form, the USCIS can subpoena that.

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