Eligible for immigration reform if entered with fake name?

Those of you who used fraudulent documents to legally enter the United States and then revered to your real name to live your life in America may have a problem to deal with, particularly if you were fingerprinted either at the point of entry or if you were fingerprinted for any other reason by law enforcement.  Also some of you assumed other identities with stolen Social Security numbers or simply switched to new names after committing a crime or to pass a background check, and I am not even talking about those who claimed to be US citizens.  Unless you have a simple history of always using your legal name, you will need a very good attorney to file your application for adjustment to RPI status because not only using fraudulent documents a crime, with multiple names, your story might not hold together to prove date of entry and continuous presence.

Those of you, the DREAMers (meaning you came to the country as minors) may not even be aware what your parents did and thankfully, while there is a provision to forgive you if you or they made a false claim to US citizenship prior to your 18th birthday, your story should still hold together to prove that you meet all requirements. 


If you are one of those individuals who used the passport and visa of another person to enter the US legally, used another name(s) while here, or assumed the identity of an American citizen, have documents that are in several different names, or some other situation in which you have used multiple names and identities, you have to sort it all out to see if you are even eligible.  As an example, if you entered using a passport that does not belong to you, but you went to school or worked or rented apartments under your real name, you will not be able to prove anything because your information will not match with that in the US Government records.  It is also not clear if the USCIS will insist on looking at original birth certificates before approval and if that is the case, it could get messy.  In all instance of forged and/or fraudulent documents and multiple identities, it is best to consult with an attorney.