Eligible for RPI status after DUI?

If you were charged with DUI (driving while intoxicated/impaired) or DWI (driving while impaired) or other related crimes like being under the influence of drugs are typically considered as misdemeanors.  Thankfully, the Obama Immigration Reform is very generous to undocumented aliens caught driving drunk, often also without a license, because if you have done so only three times, you will be approved.  Things get a lot more complicated if you actually hurt someone because then it becomes a felony (though, states have their own laws), which implies that you cannot be approved for any immigration benefit, including legalization under the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (BSEOIM) to the so-called Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI) legal status.  So check the paperwork related to your charges and make sure that it was a misdemeanor.  If it were a felony, and you were not deported, speak to an attorney.

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