Impact of Boston terrorist attacks on RPI legalization

While it maybe difficult for some undocumented immigrants to legalize if they used a different name and forged documents to enter the United States, theoretically, it is possible for an alien who entered without inspection (EWI) to eventually get United States citizenship by using whatever identity he wishes to use (there is already a big mess by undocumented aliens who have claimed to be US citizens).  If DACA background check is an indication of what the USCIS will do during a security clearance before granting RPI immigrant status, it is very likely that terrorists can acquire American citizenship by simply using their newly acquired identities and hiding their criminal  roots.  For instance, USCIS granted DACA to immigrants with just their American high school ID and not insisting on documents like passports and birth certificates.  With massive document fraud worldwide, these criminals can get passports of other countries that do not monitor their records so well, and completely hide their original identities.


Stricter background check of immigrants expected:  In light of the focus on terrorism after the Boston Marathon bombings, experts are expecting that if Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (BSEOIM) were to become law, the security clearance will be more comprehensive with a greater emphasis on confirming the origins of immigrants all the way to their birth, the countries that they have lived in and traveled to.  Right now, if you have had a relatively simple life and have genuine documents to prove your identity, there is nothing to worry.  However, if you have used fraudulent documents and have used more than one identity, be prepared for more scrutiny.  You can start off by preparing your documents like original certificate of birth, current valid passport, visas received, international travel history, schools attended, jobs held, etc.