Consequences of masking SSN on W-2

I have always believed that providing paystubs with fake Social Security numbers to the USCIS as proof of being in the United States is entering slippery slope for illegal immigrants.  By doing so, not only have you admitted working without authorization, you have also provided solid evidence to the prosecutors in case the Government decides to prosecute you.  Regardless of the justification that you might have in your head for working illegally, as far as US laws are concerned, it is a crime.  Only if the Obama Amnesty passes forgiving these criminal actions can you be sure that your unauthorized employment will not come to haunt you.

Obviously, worse than working without papers is hiding the information from the authorities.  It is US law for you to report all your income -- even illegal -- to the Internal Revenue Service by filing a tax return.  And as some undocumented aliens have been discussing online in forums, you cannot hide the false Social Security number on a W-2 while submitting it as evidence to the USCIS.  That will clearly count as forgery and submission of fraudulent documents, both of which are crimes.  These might also be grounds for rejection of your DACA application.

Along the same lines, the online chatter to hide the pink stripe on the North Caroline drivers license is also a crime.  Not only will a cop put you in serious trouble for doing that, even showing a doctored license like that will raise suspicion when you want to order alcohol or board a plane.

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